The Myth about the Job Creators

Job Creators can and do create jobs but ONLY when it serves their interests. The Job Creators and/or the extremely wealthy that some politicians are claiming need to be taxed less, do not create jobs. If they own a business or are in a position to hire and fire employees, their main task is to make the company as efficient and reduce expenses as much as possible. Simply, what that means is one should only have as many employees as one needs. In a down economy or an economy that can be used as an excuse to save the company money, employees are fired not hired by Job Creators.

For example, where I work, our sales are up but the Job Creators are firing as many employees as possible. They are using the economy as an excuse to fire more. The Job Creators see the short-term effect of reducing their workforce – i.e. saving thousands of dollars per month - but can’t seem to understand what will happen in the long run.

The employees that remain have to try to do the work of the employees that were fired. What the Job Creators don’t understand is that, yes, the remaining employees will be able to pick up the slack for a short period of time but what ends up happening in the long run is the company is hurt by having too few employees. No one who is under paid and over worked is happy in their job. In this economy, these employees have nowhere to run so their performance suffers and the extra work that they were doing doesn’t get done – it just piles up. This stresses the employees even more than the stress of thinking you may be next (since your coworkers have been fired what’s stopping the Job Creators from firing you?). This reduces the quality of work the employee is doing.

Where I work, even though we’ve increased our sales every year for years, we’ve reduced the number of order desk staff and delivery drivers. The effect is that customers are hanging up because they have to wait too long to place an order or have to wait too long to get the items they were able to order. Since the layoffs, our sales have decreased which the Job Creators see as a reason to fire even more employees.

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