The Forgotten

While the Job Creators fire employees left and right, they’ve forgotten that they need us 99%ers because without us who is going to buy the products and services their companies provide? The 1%ers are hoarding the moneys they make and can’t buy enough to sustain the economy alone. The 99%ers need to have money also so we can buy those items thus creating income for the Job Creators. However, the Job Creators have forgotten that in order to have their cake, they need to share some of it before it rots.

Also forgotten are regular employees. Without employees the business that supports the Job Creators won’t function. For example (this is another real one), Job Creators I work for have enjoyed a close-to-double-digit increase in sales for years – every year. Using the bad economy as a great excuse, they’ve fired various employees and made other employees try to pick up the slack. This works to an extent and for a short period of time. However, those 99%ers get burned out and can only handle as much as they can handle. As a result of having too few employees, customers started calling the competitor and taking their business elsewhere. Sales dropped dramatically after the “employee rebalancing” but the Job Creators can’t understand why. If they had only NOT fired those employees they would have kept their year-after-year sales increases.

We’ve forgotten what this country was founded on. The very people who say we are straying from what our original forefathers wanted are the ones that are lining their pockets with special interest money.

Updated: 10/27/11

The Job Creators at my company and so many others also forget that if the majority of us 99%ers don't have jobs, we can't buy the products and services they sell. The ones remaining with jobs buy less (my family is one example of this). As the Job Creators at my company fire more and more employees, we are scared that we will lose our jobs also - everyone that I speak with are actively looking for work. The Job Creators are not firing because we need less employees but because the economy is a great excuse - we have an increase in sales every year for many, many years now and need more employees to handle those increases yet we decrease. The Job Creators have given themselves raises after raises and new cars (Benzes and Beamers) at the end of last year. The best way to do that is to take away from the ones that have no power to keep it.

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