This is probably the most-obvious observation Iíve made but the politicians (both democrats and the republicans) are corrupt. The sad thing is you expect that in other countries and think (hope?) it couldnít, wouldnít, and doesnít happen here. If a politician gets money from a person (remember that companies are people too now) and then makes decisions that can effect these people, the politician will make a decision that benefits that person.

The crazy politician lady said that she would get rid of the EPA because itís a job killer. Why would she do that even if it did kill jobs? Our planet is more important than some jobs and besides the point we Americans are smart enough to keep any jobs that would be threatened by adapting. So, you have to ask why does she say such a thing? The answer is companies that donít want to spend money on cleaning their own mess up will give her money if she pushes for

What the politicians (both republicans and democrats) aren't telling you is that they have great health insurance, great benefits including vacation time (they barely work so maybe we should say they have little work time), pensions, etc. However, the republicans especially try to take away those benefits from their own fellow government and private employees. Ironic that the benefits they so enjoy, they want to limit for their American brothers and sisters.

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