I decided to make this website because of various discussions about the economy, politics, the top 1%, etc., with fellow 99%ers. What I found was that because "it's" not really explained, "it's" not being understood.

What is “it”? The “It” is various key points about the issues that are dividing this country. For example, why is it fair to have stronger taxation (cutting out loopholes or increasing it) on the top 1%? Politicians either say it’s unfair to wage a war on “classes” whereas the other side just says the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Both sides should actually explain what they mean – and be honest about it. I know that is impossible so, I decided to take a stab at it.

What this world needs are politicians that make decisions for the masses. It's not fair, moral, or what this country was founded for, to make decisions solely for the side that I lean to. The same can be said for making decisions solely for the other side.

A coworker and I are polar opposites. One of us is extremely religious and a strong republican. This person doesn't like Obama. The other is more of a democrat and not religious. This person thinks that whether Obama was in office or a republican, nothing would change because both sides are taking the opposite position - just because it's not what the other side wants.

We enjoy discussing matters (political, religious, family, work, the latest news stories, etc.), eating lunch together, and chit-chatting. One thing that we do agree on is that decisions and laws should be made that the majority agrees on, there should be a give and take, and that most of all compromise is absolutely necessary. We both agree that whether you are republican or democrat the US needs both parties to stop the childish bickering.

I will be adding and editing the text often so please visit again. Add something to the forum - for now there is no need to "sign up." If I see abuse, I'll change that but for now, you can discuss anonymously.

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